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Man faces battery charges after post-meeting altercation

Criminal charges in Long Beach do not always emanate from the obvious criminal behaviors like theft, selling drugs or sexual assault. People getting into physical altercations can also lead to criminal charges and this can occur not as part of illegal activity, but due to people getting into an argument and letting it turn physical. Although many of these cases might not involve people who are ordinarily in trouble with the law, they still need to protect themselves by crafting a strong criminal defense.

According to a recent report, a meeting about an oil-drilling project led to a consultant being assaulted by a person who was against the project. A 22-year-old man was arrested amid allegations of misdemeanor battery charges. According to witnesses, the meeting was rife with disagreements from those against the project. The project was unanimously recommended by planning commissioners. After the attack, the suspect fled the scene. He was found a short time later and placed under arrest.

Being charged with battery is not a small matter. Those who deal with a criminal conviction might not understand that their actions could lead to fines, jail time and extensive problems even after the case has been settled. A criminal conviction can follow a person around as they try to get jobs, seek to be admitted to a school, try to get into the military and take part in numerous other activities. Although any criminal charge is serious, the circumstances can play a part in helping to reduce the charges. If the case is faulty or there is a viable explanation for what happened, it is possible to get an acquittal.

In this incident, a man was arrested for battery after a contentious meeting over a drilling project. It is not unusual for people to be passionate about causes they believe in, but when that spills over into a physical confrontation it can lead to an arrest, as happened in this case.

Source:, "Consultant assaulted after Long Beach Planning Commission vote on oil drilling plan, authorities say," Jeremiah Dobruck, Courtney Tompkins, Andrew Edwards, Dec. 6, 2017

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