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November 2017 Archives

Technology can help to prevent rear-end crashes

You may think that a rear-end collision is no big thing, that people walk away from this kind of accident all the time. However, this is the most common type of car crash reported each year, and even a low-speed collision at two or three miles per hour can result in surprisingly serious injuries.

Technology advances viewed as a rising cause of car accidents

In Long Beach, throughout California and across the nation, it is growing more common to see drivers whose eyes are everywhere but the road. They are looking down, clearly adjusting dials and pushing buttons. Most of these incidents are linked to smartphone and device use, but other distractions are available to drivers. These are marketed as devices to make life easier with apps for directions and other information built into the car. People who are injured or lose a loved one to a wrongful death incident in a car crash should be aware of the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver.

Danger of bicycle-car accidents shown after child's death

Many people in Long Beach take advantage of the warm weather in Southern California to get back and forth via bicycle. This is especially true with youngsters. When out on the road, drivers must be aware of bicyclists and give them room to ride. They must also adhere to traffic laws and yield. Unfortunately, when bicycles and vehicles are sharing the road, there is always a chance for car accidents. When a bicyclist or a pedestrian in injured or killed in an accident with a car, it is crucial to understand the steps to take in filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Laws that protect individuals from police misconduct

It is fairly widespread in the news in California and other states across the nation when an individual asserts that they have been mistreated by law enforcement. This is not an easy topic to touch on; however, it is a serious situation when citizens believe they have suffered because of police misconduct. Not only are individuals impacted by the unlawful treatment of law enforcement, but when this occurs, their loved ones could suffer too. This is especially true when an individual loses their life because of police misconduct.

What is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing?

Financial problems have a tendency of sneaking up on us and growing uncontrollably. This can make it a very overwhelming experience for any individual or business dealing with this situation. While it is possible to take the initiative to work through money issues on your own, they often tend to develop into a bigger creature than one can handle. Thus, it is common for businesses in California and elsewhere dealing with debt problems to seek out assistance to fully understand their options.

How can I protect my parent from nursing home abuse?

Nursing home staff are health care professionals that many adult children rely on to care for their parents when they cannot. These individuals have the knowledge, skill and resources necessary to provide seniors with the quality of life they deserve as they succumb to some of the effects of old age. 

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