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Bankruptcy Specialist Jeffrey B. Smith attorney with Curd, Galindo & Smith, LLP Announces New Rates and Fees to Assist In the Filing of a Bankruptcy Petition.

Attorney Jeffrey B. Smith, is a bankruptcy specialist and partner with Curd, Galindo & Smith, LLP, he can help those who are facing foreclosure or subject to judgment and or tax liens.

What is a Bankruptcy Petition for Relief?

A Petition for Relief with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court:

■Results in an automatic "stay."

This means no one can attempt to collect a debt from you.

■Stops all creditor calls, letters, etc., immediately.

■Begins the process of Bankruptcy. This means you have certain protections and duties. TIP FROM JEFF SMITH: Even before filing a Petition for Relief (Bankruptcy), one can advise creditors that counsel has been retained (which should end debt collection calls and correspondence).

The firm performs this service on behalf of its clients. Numerous schedules attached to the petition provide an overview of the debtor's finances by describing assets,debts, income and expenses in detail. The debtor is also required to submit a "means test calculation."

Attorney Jeffrey B. Smith will assist you with this.  Essentially, it involves comparing your average monthly income to the regional median income via matrix. The law does not require an individual to have an attorney. But go it alone at your own risk. It is not as easy tofile as it once was.The bankruptcy code revisions of 2005 made it much more complicated to file for bankruptcy protection, andthere are additional requirements (such as attending a debt counseling class approved by the court) prior to thecourt considering your request.Omitting or improperly listing creditors can result in still owing these debts after the bankruptcy has ended. Some property, which can be made exempt from the Trustee's taking, will be exempt only if you take certainsteps to complete the exemption before you file bankruptcy.  Appropriate insolvency planning before yourpetition is filed can often save you money in the long run. There also may be problems with respect to the discharge of certain debts. These problems should be discussedwith an attorney before bankruptcy is filed, or you risk filing bankruptcy at an imprudent or inappropriate time- which can have serious consequences.

For example, if your petition is filed at the wrong time, it is possible that debts you have transferred to your creditors, friends or family may have to be returned to a bankruptcyTrustee. You may not be permitted to file bankruptcy again for up to eight years. It makes sense to do it right the first time. 

Call Jeffrey Smith if you need bankruptcy assistance. 800-300-2300.

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