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How to prevent medical mistakes at the doctor

When you need urgent medical care, or even a routine checkup, medical errors are the last thing on your mind. You are probably hoping you don’t have a long wait and that the doctor will be able to provide relief.

But medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in America, after heart disease and cancer. You do not need to have an expert understanding of medicine to protect yourself against malpractice. But you do need to take a proactive role in your healthcare. Here are some pointers to help keep you safe.

Airbnb guests plan to take legal action against California police

When a police officer does not act appropriately towards potential suspects, they could be guilty of police misconduct. Police misconduct can take many forms, including the use of excessive force toward a potential suspect and unlawfully detaining a potential suspect for an extended period of time. An incident involving four people in California received national attention recently, when the women were surrounded by officers outside of the Airbnb they were renting. Three of the four reners, all of whom are African-American, are planning to take legal action against the police.

A neighbor of the Airbnb called police to report a burglary after she saw four people she did not know loading luggage into a vehicle in the driveway of the Airbnb. Six officers and a helicopter surrounded the area and the four people drove away. Officers then spoke to the people in the vehicle and contacted the homeowner of the property, and determined that they were Airbnb guests.

How can one prove a wrongful death claim?

Losing a loved one in an accident may be one of the hardest things a person in California ever has to deal with. Some accidents are truly unpreventable, but the reality is that many personal injury accidents are caused by someone else's negligence and could have been avoided. When a person loses a loved one in a personal injury accident, they may want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties responsible for their loved one's death.

It is important to remember that not all family members are entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Typically, in California, you must be a spouse, domestic partner, child or grandchild of the decedent. A personal representative of the decedent's estate will bring a claim on behalf of the decedent's survivors.

49ers' linebacker's ex recants domestic violence claim

Many California residents have been accused or charged with domestic violence, but not all of them are guilty. Domestic violence cases often require a solid criminal defense strategy, as alleged victims may make false accusations in the heat of the moment, which can turn the accused person's life upside-down. In some cases, alleged victims act out of spite to damage the accused person's reputation or career. San Francisco 49ers' linebacker, Reuben Foster, was recently accused and charged with domestic violence after an ex-girlfriend claimed that he violently attacked her. The ex-girlfriend recently released a statement saying that she lied about the incident and recanted her domestic violence claims.

According to the original story, Foster's former girlfriend caught the attention of a car driving by the couple's home after Foster allegedly dragged her by the hair, punched her multiple times and physically took her out of the house. The woman apparently suffered various injuries, including a ruptured eardrum. Shortly after the incident, the district attorney filed domestic violence charges against Foster for the woman's injuries.

What parents can do to keep their teens clean

It is every parent’s nightmare to get the call that their child is in trouble with the law. You likely know your kid as a bright teen with an even brighter future. The news that he or she is suspected of a crime can wreak havoc on your family’s life and your child’s prospects.

Parents can take proactive steps to prevent their teenagers from getting involved in illicit activities. You do not want your kid wrapped up in the juvenile justice system.

Different types of bankruptcy have their advantages

Most of us will go through financial difficulties at some point in our lives. If you find that your financial struggles are becoming overwhelming, filing for bankruptcy may be one option. Making the decision to declare bankruptcy can be one of the hardest decisions you ever make, but it will be worth it to be able to eliminate most of your debt and move forward with a clean slate.

Before you file for bankruptcy in Long Beach, you should be aware that there are different forms of bankruptcy. Businesses will typically file for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, while individuals will often file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you are unable to repay your debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option. It allows the court to sell many of your assets to cover as much of your debt as possible and dismiss any remaining debt. If you do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or you plan to repay your debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option. Chapter 13 allows you to hold on to your assets and work out a repayment plan with the court.

Filing a lawsuit after a car accident: who may be held liable?

Many car accident victims in California are overwhelmed after a crash and are unsure what steps to take to make sure they get the compensation they need. Generally, many accident victims find that filing a personal injury lawsuit against the parties responsible for their accident allows them to recover compensation for their accident-related medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other costs. The question is: who may be held liable? The answer often depends on who was at fault for your accident.

Determining who is liable for your accident is generally the most critical part of your case. The other driver may be liable for the accident if they acted negligently behind the wheel and their negligence partially or fully caused your accident and damages. For example, if the other driver drove too fast for conditions, ran a red light or broke another California traffic law, they may have acted negligently and may therefore be liable for your accident. Even if you were partially liable for your own accident, in California, you may still be able to pursue damages from the other driver, as long as they were also partially liable for the accident.

Can you sue for a pothole-related accident?

Senate Bill 1, passed in 2016, approved billions for road improvements in coming years. Unfortunately, that was no help when your car hit a pothole.

Southern California has some of the poorest road conditions in the nation. If pothole led to an injury accident, could you bring a lawsuit for repairs that were not made?

Netflix attempting $300 million business acquisition deal

One of the best ways for California businesses to continue growing and experience long-term success is to acquire other companies along the way. In business and commercial law, any business acquisitions a company makes can determine whether the company will continue to be successful over time. Acquisition moves can also be highly beneficial for the company being acquired. Netflix recently made a $300 million offer to acquire a California billboard company.

Netflix is attempting to purchase Regency Outdoor Advertising, a company that owns billboards all over Los Angeles and on the famous Sunset Strip. A billboard on Sunset Strip can cost $140,000 per month, so it seems that the deal may be able to save Netflix money in the long run. Regency Outdoor also has billboards at Los Angeles International Airport, near Los Angeles Angels baseball stadium and at other key locations.

Filing a lawsuit for dog bites and related injuries

Dogs are considered man's best friend and provide companionship to thousands of California residents. However, even the best-behaved dog can become angry or fearful and cause significant personal injury.

Many people who have been injured by a dog wonder if they can pursue a lawsuit against the owner for damages. Generally speaking, the answer is yes.

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