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Technology advances viewed as a rising cause of car accidents

In Long Beach, throughout California and across the nation, it is growing more common to see drivers whose eyes are everywhere but the road. They are looking down, clearly adjusting dials and pushing buttons. Most of these incidents are linked to smartphone and device use, but other distractions are available to drivers. These are marketed as devices to make life easier with apps for directions and other information built into the car. People who are injured or lose a loved one to a wrongful death incident in a car crash should be aware of the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver.

High-tech dashboards - also referred to as "infotainment systems" - are increasing the chance of car accidents due to the distraction they cause. A new study from Consumer Reports looked at these systems. The vehicles whose dashboard systems were found to be most distracting were Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Acura, Cadillac and Tesla. The least distracting were vehicles made by Fiat-Chrysler, GM and Ford, along with five others.

Danger of bicycle-car accidents shown after child's death

Many people in Long Beach take advantage of the warm weather in Southern California to get back and forth via bicycle. This is especially true with youngsters. When out on the road, drivers must be aware of bicyclists and give them room to ride. They must also adhere to traffic laws and yield. Unfortunately, when bicycles and vehicles are sharing the road, there is always a chance for car accidents. When a bicyclist or a pedestrian in injured or killed in an accident with a car, it is crucial to understand the steps to take in filing a personal injury lawsuit.

A turning vehicle crashed into a 12-year-old boy and his sister as they crossed the street in the crosswalk on their bicycles, killing him and injuring his sister. The accident occurred at shortly before 4 p.m. According to the accident investigation, the boy and his sister were leaving a school when they were both hit by a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban. The vehicle was turning left. Both the vehicle and the kids had a green light. The girl was hospitalized after the accident and was reported to be stable. The driver of the Suburban, a 39-year-old man, remained at the scene and is being cooperative.

Laws that protect individuals from police misconduct

It is fairly widespread in the news in California and other states across the nation when an individual asserts that they have been mistreated by law enforcement. This is not an easy topic to touch on; however, it is a serious situation when citizens believe they have suffered because of police misconduct. Not only are individuals impacted by the unlawful treatment of law enforcement, but when this occurs, their loved ones could suffer too. This is especially true when an individual loses their life because of police misconduct.

In order to address police misconduct across the nation, laws have been passed and enforced by the Department of Justice. These federal laws include both criminal and civil statutes, covering the actions and conduct by State, county and local officers, which also includes individuals that work in prisons and jails. Many of these laws also apply to federal law enforcement officers, and they were passed to protect all persons within the U.S., including citizens and non-citizens.

What is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing?

Financial problems have a tendency of sneaking up on us and growing uncontrollably. This can make it a very overwhelming experience for any individual or business dealing with this situation. While it is possible to take the initiative to work through money issues on your own, they often tend to develop into a bigger creature than one can handle. Thus, it is common for businesses in California and elsewhere dealing with debt problems to seek out assistance to fully understand their options.

When businesses suffer debt problems, many do not want to compromise the ability of the business to thrive. Shutting down a business and eliminating debt is not always in the best interest of the business and the business owner. Because of that, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can seem very appealing and very promising in the matter.

How can I protect my parent from nursing home abuse?

Nursing home staff are health care professionals that many adult children rely on to care for their parents when they cannot. These individuals have the knowledge, skill and resources necessary to provide seniors with the quality of life they deserve as they succumb to some of the effects of old age. 

When you moved your parent into one of the best nursing homes in the Long Beach area that you could find, you did so under the assumption that they would receive the care and support they required to live their lives. When caregivers and nursing home staff do not perform their duties in the right capacity, it is the residents and their relatives who suffer the most. 

Why debt settlement companies aren't good bankruptcy alternatives

When we encounter financial problems, this can be very troublesome. In some cases, crunching numbers and a shot-term budget can clear us of these issues. However, for some California residents, this can become a much larger issue. When debt becomes overwhelming, we seek out options when our own initiatives do not work. The word bankruptcy can be scary, causing many to seek out alternatives.

Although there are debt relief options that can help individuals overwhelmed with debt to regain control of their finances, some of these options can be more burdensome. Take for example debt settlement companies. This debt relief method requires debtors to pay upfront fees that can be rather hefty. In addition, these companies often fail to deliver what they claim, debt relief.

Protect your business against litigation

As a business owner, you will face disputes in some manner. However, if it is a business law matter, it is important you take the proper steps to protect your company.

In the case of litigation, it is essential you understand what the process entails. There are a few ways you can protect your business from litigation.

Taking action following a serious accident

At times, we take our good health for granted. We live our lives thinking that nothing can harm us and horrible events will not happen. However, tragedy can strike at any moment, and we often find ourselves unprepared to deal with the aftermath. A serious accident can essentially turn your life upside-down. Not only are you dealing with the pain and suffering from the incident, but you are also faced with damaged personal property, accumulated medical bills and the inability to work.

Whether you were harmed in an automobile collision, truck crash, motorcycle accident, slip-and-fall incident or any other type of accident, it is important to understand what options and rights are afforded to you. At Curd Galindo & Smith, LLP, our experienced legal team has dealt with a wide variety of personal injury cases. Our focus is on getting our clients justice for the wrongs they have suffered by a negligent party.

Pedestrian stuck and killed crossing the street in Long Beach

California residents are used to traveling by foot. This is true if they are in the city, by the beach or in a shopping district. Whether a person is a pedestrian for several miles or only a block, the unfortunate reality is that pedestrians face many risks. When individuals need to cross the street, are in a parking lot or are walking on the side of the road, they are at a greater risk of being hit by a motorist. Thus, drivers are expected to use caution when traveling in areas where pedestrians frequent. Failure to do so is negligent and could be the cause of a serious and even fatal pedestrian accident.

According to recent reports, a 76-year-old woman was struck and killed by a motorist. Preliminary reports indicate that the woman was crossing Highway 90 at Cleveland Avenue. Authorities indicated that here was a concert going on just prior to the time this fatal pedestrian crash occurred. Although traffic had thinned out by this time and the motorist involved did not attend the event, the driver did collide with a pedestrian while she was crossing the street.

What types of injuries are suffered in a dog attack?

Owning a dog is very common in California and other state across the nation. A dog is considered a companion pet, often treated like a member of the family. Despite the notion that dogs are domesticated, friendly and obedient, the fact of the matter is that dogs are still animals with animal instincts. Even a dog owner who has raised his or her dog since it was a pup may not fully understand the tendencies of their adult dog. Therefore, even if a dog has been shown any aggression before, a dog could suddenly lash out, causing injuries to strangers or visitors.

According to current data on dog bites, roughly 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the U.S. Dog bites account for 90 percent of all animal bites occurring in the United States; however, it is believed that this umber is much higher because dog bites are not always reported or even treated. Because dogs have a powerful jaw and many teeth to grab the surface of a person's body, a dog attack could result in significant injuries.

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