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Woman alleges police mistreatment in train incident

Being a law enforcement officer in California is not an easy job, but that does not mean that the officers have the right to commit mistreatment against a suspect. Regardless of the allegations against a person who is being arrested, there are certain requirements that officers must adhere to when performing their duties. Some of the worst cases of police officers using excessive force are committed in seemingly minor crimes. With almost everyone having a device that can record incidents as they occur, there is frequently ample evidence to look at the case and pursue a claim for compensation due to police misconduct.

A young woman, age 18, was forcibly removed from a subway train by a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer when she refused a request to remove her foot from a seat. Several people videotaped the incident and posted it on social media. Recently, law enforcement has taken steps to crack down on various violations of the code of conduct on the train. That includes people eating, drinking, gambling, littering and placing their feet on the seats. The chief executive officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has already expressed his disappointment at the way they woman was treated.

Construct an appropriate partnership agreement

Business owners establish partnerships to help grow and advance their businesses. However, if the owners fail to handle certain aspects properly, the partnership may lead to business litigations and create more harm than good.

To help avoid this, it is important to have the right documentation in place. There are a few things to keep in mind when constructing appropriate partnership agreements. 

DUI alleged in airborne vehicle crash in California

When there is a single-car accident in California and the occupants of the vehicle survive, there will still be a law enforcement investigation to determine how and why it happened. If it is an unusual type of crash, there will be an automatic assumption that it might have been due to the driver being under the influence or operating the vehicle recklessly. This can result in charges related to the incident. For people who are confronted with allegations of driving under the influence, it is vital to remember the importance of a strong criminal defense.

A motor vehicle accident in which the car flew in the air and crashed into the second floor of a building led to charges being filed against the driver. The accident happened in the early morning, at about 5:30 a.m. A white Nissan Altima went across three lanes on the roadway and hit a divider. It then went airborne and hit a building which houses a dental office. There was a fire, and the driver was injured. A passenger was also assisted in getting out of the vehicle. After the police investigated, the driver of the Altima was placed under arrest for suspected DUI.

Successfully restructuring a business through bankruptcy

Business owners invest great amounts of effort and finances into their companies. Unfortunately, businesses can still fall on hard times, and sometimes they need to receive a fresh financial start

Especially in the case of a business, there are ways that a bankruptcy may be of assistance. There are a few things business owners should know about restructuring their companies through bankruptcy.

Is an S corporation the preferred entity form for my business?

Many Californians would like to go into business for themselves by creating an entity or purchasing a business that is already established. One of the key decisions that a prospective business owner or current business owner must make is what entity formation to use. One option is an S Corporation. Understanding how an S Corporation works and its tax requirements is key before deciding on this entity form.

With an S corporation, the entity or a corporation that has been formed decides that it will be taxed under Sub-S corporation status in the tax code. The S corporation provides protection for owners against liability. The profits and losses of the S corporation will extend to the owners whether they are shareholders, partners or members. The debt obligations are contingent on the kind of S corporation the business is, such as a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership or a corporation.

Alleged DUI driver crashes into Uber car causing personal injury

The holiday season in Southern California and across the nation can place people at risk for being victims of a drunk driving accident. This is especially true after people are returning home from various holiday events and celebrations. Drunk driving accidents can result in injuries and fatalities. In some cases, even if the victims were not driving, but instead were using public transportation or ride-sharing, they could still be injured or killed in a crash caused by a driver who was under the influence. People who are confronted with these problems should know what steps to take to pursue compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

In one recent incident, a driver who was allegedly under the influence crashed into another vehicle and caused critical injuries to its occupants. He then attempted to flee the scene before being stopped by three people who were in the area.

California truck ports violating rules can cause truck accidents

Trucks are a constant on the roads on Southern California and across the nation. While most truck drivers will adhere to the law to maintain safety and avoid motor vehicle accidents, there are various factors that can lead to a crash. One that is garnering attention is the number of drivers who are working too many hours. Regardless of how and why a crash occurs, the aftereffects can be significant and cause many problems for those involved. A personal lawsuit is often the only strategy to recover a sufficient amount to adequately compensate the victims.

A report from USA Today says that drivers from two ports in Southern California might work as many as 20 hours per day for six days a week. In the report, these violations lead to drivers being fatigued and can cause truck accidents, some of them fatal. As part of their research, the reporters analyzed the trucks as they entered and left the ports and used the publicly available information at entry points. From this, they gleaned the amount of time the trucks were in operation. It found that 8 percent of the traffic between 2013 and 2016 involved a truck that might have been in violation of service rules regarding breaks after drivers have been on the road for 14 hours.

Man hospitalized after alleged excessive force during arrest

Although greater attention is being paid to police officers and their behavior when investigating and making arrests, there continue to be incidents in Southern California and across the nation in which allegations are made of excessive force. People who are mistreated when dealing with law enforcement should be aware of their rights to seek compensation. It is unfortunate that incidents of police misconduct keep happening, but legal assistance is vital to protect those who were subjected to it.

A man who was arrested for what law enforcement said were multiple traffic violations was reportedly beaten by police officers when he was arrested. The man, 21, was seen on body cam and patrol vehicle videos as having been hit in his right leg numerous times while he was flat on the ground. Officers were also seen punching him and slamming his head into the sidewalk. A bystander took video of the incident and an officer is seen committing the same acts from a different angle. Officers claim that the man refused to acquiesce to their commands and tried to take a baton from an officer. The man was taken to the hospital and had a broken leg. He will not face charges in the incident with police.

Are you prepared to avoid these common car-bicycle accidents?

Southern California is heaven for bicycle riders. The year-round fine weather draws both experienced and novice cyclists like bees to honey.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of vehicles on the roads, and more often than not, cyclists have to ride in traffic, which can be a dangerous undertaking. Here are four of the most common car-bicycle accidents to avoid:

California drivers ranked worst in the country

California is famous for its difficult traffic, but dangers that go beyond seeing a sea of red brake lights are a constantly lurking issue for those who drive in the state. Studies are useful to determine exactly how dangerous it is to drive in California and across the nation. While steps are being taken to ensure and improve safety, there are issues that arise and should be factored in when examining the driving circumstances. A recent study shows that California is viewed as having the worst drivers in the U.S.

The study from the national auto insurer QuoteWizard says that road safety is a consistent problem in the state. In addition, it says that 2017 had a rise in the number of people who were cited for moving violations and in being arrested for driving under the influence. Included in the study were the number of people who have car accidents with injuries and fatalities. California came in second in the same rankings in 2016. Out of the top 10 worst cities for driving in the nation, California had five of them. Sacramento is said to be the worst city for driving in the U.S. Los Angeles also has its problems due to the previously alluded to gridlock and the other issues, like DUI and traffic violations.

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